Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Staphorster Stipwerk

In the country I live in, The Netherlands that is, different regions have different traditions. If you keep in mind that The Netherlands are only about 42,000 square kilometers, I think that's marvellous. One of that regional traditions, or even town committed, is artisanal painting. Most of the time the paintings are flower themed, like this. 

. When I was a child, I think about twelve years old, I was fascinated by this kind of paintings and wanted it to learn myself. Not that I was from a region where artisanal painting was common, by the way. I  wasn't particular interested in flowers either, so what makes this sort of painting interesting to me: don't know.
For my birthday I got a book about how to make artisanal art, paint, pencils and something to smear the paint on, namely a wooden chopping board. For weeks I was busy painting everything made of wood I found around the house. Then I had enough of it and never ever thought about it again. 

Until I saw artisanal painting in the house of my old neighbour a couple of days ago. And now the fascination is back. Unfortunately with my fascination somehow my art work has disappeared all those years ago, too. No idea where it's been gone. When I was young, I liked to paint flowers like in the picture above, which is from a town called Hindeloopen, but nowadays I like the painting from Staphorst more. It's called Staphorster Stipwerk (dot work from Staphorst) and is made from only blue, green, yellow, red and white dots on a black background. Love it! 

I had to try this myself as soon as possible, because that's one of the features of my character: no patience. If I have inspiration, I can't wait. Otherwise I can't sleep. So with the things I had, a glass jar and glass paint in colors that aren't the right colors I made this. Just for practice.

And after I made this and searched for more glass things I could paint, to my delight I found my acrylic paint in my daughter's bed room and empty canvas and made this:


My next Staphorster Stipwerk Project I already found: 

As an OR nurse I'm obliged to walk on clogs, but this pair is so much more stylish than the white leather ones I wear now! I just need those!


My Easter Bunny is featured by April J Harris this week!

Thank you, April!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Unicorn Cupcakes

While I was busy making the Lolly Pop Cake, I gave my daughters something to be busy with, too. We saw some really cute Unicorn Cupcakes while I was searching for the tutorial about how to make drippings on a cake and of course they really, really, really wanted to make them.

They were so proud of what they made and I think they did a really good job. 

Friday, March 24, 2017

Lolly Pop Cake

A while ago I saw a tutorial about how to make cake drippings on Pinterest, but didn't pin it. When I tought about it again and searched for it, the most beautiful cakes with dripping came along and I wanted to try to make one myself ever since. Today was the first try out. 

As you can see I have to fine tune my skills, but for a first attempt I'm not disappointed. I made it for my daughters and as long as there are lolly pops this size involved, they're okay with everything.  

My Mini Terrarium was featured by Pleasures of the NorthWest!

Thanks a lot, Helen!

Made It #12

~ I love Pinterest and would like to make one thing every week that I find on Pinterest. Since I have lots of pins (that, until now, I've just pinned and only that), I hope this will be a way to reduce the amount of pins on my boards. It can be anything, from cooking to crochet and from sewing to paper crafts. Just small projects that don't take weeks to make ~ 

Last week I told you about the Haasje look-a-like mug cozy I planned to make for Easter. Haasje, our Flemish Giant is my youngest daughter's bunny, so of course she wanted the mug cozy. I had to make it brown, though, just like Haasje.



My oldest daughter has a cat, Dolly (yes, named after Dolly Parton, I'm a fan) and after making the bunny mug cozy above for my youngest, I remembered just in time a crochet cat I had pinned a while ago, because she really wants it. It's from Dr Seuss (pattern here).

See you next week, together with the cat!


My Made It-project from last week, the Clay Cacti, were featured by Creative Jewish Mom

Thank you, Sara!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Easter Bunny

I don't know how's the weather in your part of the world, but here in the western corner of Europe, it's pretty cold, so the Easter Bunny still has to wear a shawl and mittens around here. But it looks cute on him, don't you think?

The pattern I found on Amigurumi Today.


My Easter Eggs Sack was featured by Life and Linda and by Plucky's Second Thought this week!

Thanks, Linda and Jessica!


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